Trainee Data Management System

The National Capital Region Training Center has developed a data management system for the governance of its students, and the scheduling and regulation of subjects called the NCRTC Trainee Data Management System. This System was provided for the NCRTC faculty and personnel, guest instructors, training staff and NCRTC administrators to easily manage trainees’ data. It stores and processes profiles of NCRTC trainees. It enables instructors to directly input grades, thus, facilitating early grade collation and computation. It provides accessible and readily printable reports regarding students’ rooster, trainees’ profile, schedules, grades, merits and demerits. Information about the schedules of classes and instructors are shown in this database as well. Access to different features of the system is limited depending on log-in status of the user. As an example, a user who has an “instructor” log-in can view grades, enter transmitted grade and generate reports; while a user with “viewer” log-in can only view grades, schedules, merits and demerits, and generate reports.