Core Values

The NCRTC Core Values are intended to guide and inspire its personnel and clientele. This is framed as an acronym of NCRTC where every letter represents the NCRTC’s commitment to police education and training foundation upon which our policies are built.


Operational Definition:

NATIONALISM–NCRTC develops police officers who are willing to serve and protect with a strong belief in the primary importance of great love for country, well-rounded, resilient and able to adapt with complex circumstances and result driven in providing an excellent public service.

COMPETENCE– This Training Center focuses on the development of a professional police force that can provide excellent service to the public, has the ability to work effectively with the community, with confidence holding firm on a decision, can address relevant concerns and can promote harmony and minimize conflict.

RESPECT–The Training Center deliberate focus on its commitment towards the development of a respectful and humane public safety servants with an effort to promote relationships based on equality, respect and trust.

TRUSTWORTHINESS– To “win public trust and confidence” will remain important to policing practice, a continuous commitment of NCRTC is to train and develop police officers who are trustworthy so that they can encourage active citizen participation and secure public cooperation and compliance with the law.

COURAGE–The NCRTC is committed to the total development of its students to possess courage to face danger and strong commitment to stand on their own feet when difficult and unpopular decision have to be made and stick to the principles and conduct within the bounds of law.