National Capital Region Training Center (NCRTC) Brief History

The National Capital Region Training Center (NCRTC) traced its origin from the defunct National Capital Region Training School (NCRTS), however, the name NCRTC already exist before which ceased to operate after then Chief PC/INP, Director General Cesar Nazareno, issued General Order No. 393 on August 14, 1990 merging PC Training Commands and INP Training Commands into one training unit.

In 1993, when the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) was fully operationalized, the NCRTC was reactivated pursuant to November 3, 1993 PPSC Memorandum Circular 93-29. The NCRTC resumed its function at Camp General Mariano N Castaňeda, Silang Cavite alongside PNP Training Command (TRACOM) with PSUPT REYNALDO M OBLIMAR as the first Training Commandant under the auspices of PPSC. When the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) had taken over Camp Castaňeda as its permanent site in April 13, 1994, NCRTC moved down to Camp Vicente Lim, Brgy Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna. NCRTC was dissolved when the Police National Training Center (PNPTC) was changed into Police National Training Institute (PNTI) and was formally integrated into the PPSC as one of its constitutive units.

On May 12, 1994, the NCRTS was activated pursuant to May 20, 1994 PNTI Special Order number UP 056. NCRTS remained and had continued operation at Camp Vicente Lim for nine (9) years. Six (6) Training Commandants had changed command over NCRTS while it was at Camp Vicente Lim from 1994-2003.

On June 8, 2003, the NCRTS transferred location to Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City due to unrelenting request from the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) then headed by POLICE CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT REYNALDO VELASCO. The site and facilities that Jail National Training Institute (JNTI) had previously occupied at Camp Bagong Diwa were taken over by NCRTS. JNTI was relocated to Camp Vicente Lim. POLICE SUPERINTENDENT RONALD SISON headed NCRTS when it moved to Camp Bagong Diwa. Also on this period, the title or designation of NCRTS Commandant was amended into Training Director.

Presently, the National Capital Region Training Center (NCRTC) is under the direction and supervision of POLICE SUPERINTENDENT NELVIN MONTEREY RICOHERMOSO.