NCRTC Staff and Trainees Beefed Up Police Force During the APEC Summit

The Philippines Hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) 2015. As a preparation, the PNP raised its alert status before the start of the summit; deployment and contingency plans were laid; intelligence and counter intelligence were gathered against terrorism and insurgency.

During the APEC Leaders’ Summit, which was held from November 18 to 19, 2015, public assemblies were formed. The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan conducted protests in Pasay City against China’s aggressiveness towards the islands in the South China Sea, against the United States for the Philippines–United States Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) which was, according to them, a western imperialism, and finally regarding poverty in the Philippines. Tribal leaders and members from various tribes in Mindanao also gathered at in Baclaran, Pasay City to protest against the exploitation of indigenous communities for commercial reasons such as mining.

At the height of all the excitement and protests were the police trainees who were augmented from the training center to face the threats against peace and order.

Members of Public Safety Field Training Program Class 2014-01 were posted in different areas of Metro Manila to help with crowd control and act as human barrier against activists. NCRTC students worked side-by-side with the training staff and other police officers to ensure peaceful commencement and successful Summit.


NCRTC Students and Training Staff on Road Duty During the Papal Visit



On January 15 to 19, 2015, Pope Francis XVI visited the Philippines. During this historic event, thousands of police officers were deployed to maintain peace and order during the occasion. The Philippine National Police of the National Capital Region needed to beef up their work force to satisfy the demand of peace keeping tasked to the PNP. To boost the police force, the trainees of National Capital Region Training Center were augmented. Police trainees of NCRTC Public Safety Field Training Program Class 2013-03, Alpha to Lima Company and Class 2014-01, Alpha to X-Ray company; students of NCRTC Public Safety Junior Leadership Course classes 2014-06, 07 and 08; members of NCRTC Public Safety Officer Candidate Course Class 2014-01; and NCRTC tactical staff were deployed, under the supervision and leadership of the Regional Training Director, Police Superintendent Roderick Devilles Mariano. They helped with crowd control and acted as route security following the papal entourage throughout Metro Manila.

Once again, the trainees of NCRTC have exhibited their skills and capability to face duty challenges. Even those who are in their hatching stages as police officers demonstrated courage and efficiency in keeping peace.